Cleaners for leather car seat

How to Clean Leather Car Seat with Cleaners

Unlike the hard and reliable leather material that was used in making car seats, most of the modern car seats are made from very fragile leather that needs to be cleaned carefully. Of course, they now have some additions like the thin synthetic layer that keeps the real leather inside safe from the harsh environment.

Due to such modifications, it is clear that even its cleaners have been modified. If you take the proper care that your car seats needs, you will be surprised by how durable they will be.

The only great treat you can give to your seats is to use cleaners for leather car seats whenever you are cleaning them. So how do you do the cleaning? Well, follow this formula.

Cleaning Leather Car Seat

While many drivers clean the exterior of their cars in a car wash, they tend to neglect cleaning the car interior because of the assumption that it is labor-intensive. But, it is not as complicated as many car owners view it. Before we show you how to get started, you need to have a cleaning brush, cleaning pads, and the cleaners. Now you are set; so let’s unwrap this whole mystery.

1. Check for any perforation in your seats

This is an important exercise that will help you avoid sipping water, air conditioner or any cleaner into the seat. After that, go through your car’s manual and check how the manufacturer recommends that your leather seats should be cleaned.

2. Remove any dirt

This is where you can decide to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any large dirt particle that is even hidden in the crevices. You can use a suck-in vacuum cleaner and later blow the dirt away using an air compressor. In whatever you do, be careful not to scratch the leather.

Some car seats which have not been cleaned for long may have a dirt layer that you can remove by spraying your cleaner to the cleaning pad or towel. There are various commercial cleaners that you can use to do the cleaning. Besides, going through any genuine buying guide for leather car seat cleaners can help you get the right cleaner.

3. Brush lightly

To remove the dirt layer that a cleaning pad could not remove, use a soft brush to clean the leather by scrubbing it lightly. You have to do this with the utmost gentility. In case your car seats have some perforations, you don’t have to spray the cleaner directly to the seat. Spray it on the brush instead.

Use a microfiber towel or cloth to wipe the seats dry. Some dirt and grime patches should be visible on the towel. It is advisable that you deep clean your seats at least three to four times a year but do light cleaning every month especially if your seats are brightly colored.

4. Condition your seats

You have to choose a conditioner that does not affect the leather or the general appearance of your seats. Avoid leather conditioners that contain waxes, petroleum distillates or silicone. Those cheaper conditioners sold in the streets can have a great effect on your leather seats. The conditioner should be having a neutral pH.

To ensure that the conditioner you are using is not discoloring your seats, apply a small spot of the conditioner and rub it gently in one area. If it is not discoloring the spot, then it is probably a good conditioner for your seats.

Try to avoid applying excess conditioner on your leather seats to avoid having greasy seats. Just apply to make your seats look shiny, not greasy. Always follow the directions given on the conditioner.

5. Allow the applied conditioner to sit

Assuming that you did your seat cleaning in the evening, it is good to let the car park for at least twelve hours or overnight for the conditioner to sit. If you are doing your cleaning during the day, ensure that you don’t expose the car to direct UV light. Whether you are conditioning your seats or not, always park your car in a shade. The UV light has a way of making the leather wear out.

6. Buff the seats

After the conditioner has soaked into the leather, now it is time to polish the seats using a dry microfiber towel or cloth. Do the buffing in a circular motion to polish the seats to sparkling. Also, it is a good time to remove any excess conditioner from the seats.

Now you are ready to use your car again in a clean environment that will make everyone on board feel comfortable. Most of the leather seats need conditioning a few times in a year, so it should not be a daily thing.


One thing that will make the entire process a success is using the right cleaners. Before purchasing any cleaner, you should read through leather car seat cleaner reviews to understand the cleaner that best suits the kind of your car seats. Note that you may not require conditioning for the most modern car seats because they have a protective surface.


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