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Solar Battery Chargers for Solar Panels: Buying Guide

As compared to some decades ago, solar energy has increasingly become popular in our millennial age thanks to the developing technology. Solar energy involves the conversion of the sunlight into electric power that can be used in your home. There are various technologies used in facilitating this process, including solar heating & cooling, photovoltaics, and solar thermal electricity. 

To charge your phone, car battery, or your other gadgets using solar energy, you will need to have a solar battery charger. But how does this charger work?

How a Solar Battery Charger Works

Before you use that solar energy from the sun, it has to go through a series of procedures. The solar panel is usually made of silicon, which is affiliated with attracting electrons from the photons found in the sunlight. The photons can disentangle and separate electrons; a process referred to as the photoelectric effect. 

This effect creates an imbalance between the positive and negative particles in the silicon of the solar panel. To develop further imbalance, impurities like boron and phosphorous are added, creating an electrical field in the panel’s silicon. 

So when the photons hit the panel, the electrons are separated on one side by the electrical field, making negatively charged particles. The remaining photons from the sun, end up forming positively charged particles. 

These two sides are usually connected, utilizing an indirect circuit as the terminals of a solar battery charger. Through this connection, the electrons move to the battery to create electricity. This power is further directed to an internal rechargeable battery, which eventually feeds your gadgets.

Is this Solar Battery Charger Effective?

It is more effective and useful than you think. Although it has less power compared to the regular battery chargers, it is undoubtedly valuable for ensuring your gadgets are powered efficiently. 

Notably, these solar battery chargers are for maintaining the power in your battery, not really for reviving a completely dead battery. This is because they release a minimal amount of energy. However, it is very reliable when dealing with small devices.

Most of them are also portable, especially the ones designed for smartphone users. These solar battery chargers have been used in emergency cases where one had battery discharges. You can use them to prolong the life of your car battery. They are also environmental friendly.

So now that you want to have your solar battery charger, which factors should you consider?

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Solar Battery Charger

Of course, the market has expanded and is now becoming hard for one to choose the right solar battery charger. Counterfeits are still available in the market, making your job even harder. But here are some of the specifics you should never ignore when buying your solar battery charger:

1. Its Efficiency

The efficiency and effectiveness of your solar battery charger will be seen during the winter season when the sun is not well lit. Will it charge your gadgets even in such weather? An efficient battery charger will harness the solar energy faster even when the day is dim. 

2. Its Size

The gadget you are going to charge usually determines the size of the charger. If you are buying your charger for a car battery, boat, or bike, you will need a large-sized battery charger, preferably of 12 volts.

For smartphones, you don’t need a large one; only 13,000 mAh solar battery charger will be enough. Consider its portability and weight also, although most of them are lightweight. 

3. Number of Connectors

Connectors are essential in ensuring that you have enough ports to connect your gadgets. A charger that has multiple connections is preferable so that you can have enough options while charging your devices. Ensure the power cable is also relatively long.

4. Its Power

Power is another factor that will be determined by the gadgets you will be charging. Most solar battery chargers range between 2-18 volts. Ensure you don’t get a powerful charger that will overpower your gadget’s battery.

5. Its Cost

As long as you want a charger that has sufficient power output, ensure that its cost is within your budget. Although quality chargers are costly, only empty your wallet for something of value.

6. Its durability

Finally, consider the warranty the manufacturer is giving for the solar battery charger. No one enjoys journeys to the market after a few months to look for the same product you bought for a few months. It would be best if you purchased from a reliable buyer and brand that are willing to give you a warranty.


Although solar energy has not become the leading source of energy, it contributes to 3% of the total energy produced in the world. One of the leading countries with the largest solar power capacity in China with 130 gigawatts, followed by the United States at 62 gigawatts. You can further utilize this solar energy by acquiring a solar battery charger that will power your gadgets all the time.